You might be wondering why SheCan women’s DIY courses started. For more than 10 years I’ve been running a property maintenance business called ICan, revamping homes and gardens, and building beautiful things for people. This is what I’ve noticed about the women I work for: 
You say “Please could you show me how to… mend a leaky tap, fix my fence” or whatever. 
Then you listen carefully. 
And once you’ve learned how, there’s no stopping you. 
In short, teaching women is more rewarding. But for a longer version, check out Why just women

A bit more about SheCan DIY courses 

SheCan courses are designed around the practical techniques that women have asked to learn. However, the content is flexible. If something isn’t on the list, just ask me and I’ll include it. 
The groups are small, friendly and supportive. You’ll get individual attention so if there’s anything you find difficult we’ll work through it until you’re confident. It’s all very hands-on, with lots of safety advice and discussion. You’ll leave with a thorough understanding of tools and techniques that will stay with you forever. 
Courses take place in Sussex - Brighton, Eastbourne, Crawley and Worthing – but the One Day Special is… well, it’s special. Get a few friends or work colleagues together, decide what you’d like to learn about, choose a date plus a local venue and I’ll come to you. 
Evening Sessions – 5 x weekly classes 7-9pm. £225 per person 
One Day Course – The basics of home maintenance and DIY in 1 day. £140 per person 
One Day Special – 1 day course, your choice of venue and date. Share the £800 course fee between you (6-8 people is ideal, but it’s fine if there are a few more) 

A bit more about me 

I’ve always had a passion for sailing so after finishing an engineering apprenticeship, I spent a few years teaching complete beginners to sail a yacht in just 4 days. On an idyllic Greek island. Yes I know… Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it! 
Anyway, I learned 3 very important things: 
How to give nervous beginners the confidence to succeed. 
When to step in and help, and when to allow someone to safely learn from a mistake. 
The importance of listening to the quietest person in the room. Because they’re the most interesting people. 
Learning should be an enjoyable process 
In short, I learned how to teach – and how to listen. After coming back to the UK, I did some formal coaching training at Neilson Holidays before leaving to become a professional landscaper and builder (the non-shouty, non-Sun-reading kind). 
With SheCan, my training skills and practical know-how have come together. Take a look at SheCan courses and pick one that suits you. 
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